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Being with your loved ones when you're away.

With Proxee patented HereĀ® Hologram technology you can beam your projected image into home.

Proxee Pod

With Proxee patented HereĀ® Hologram technology, Proxee Pod is your eyes and ears away from home. Control Proxee Pod remotely using the control pad include with the sender kit.

Proxee Vision

Proxee Vision will capture your likeness and 3d and send that data to the Proxy Pod. All upper body from arm movements to facial expressions will be sent instantly to your family, giving you the next best experience to actually being there.

Proxee View

Proxee View glasses give you the chance to see you family from anywhere in the world, using the Proxy Pod camera system.

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Unfortunately, Proxee isn't quite ready yet as 3D hologram technology hasn't been invented, among other things. If you would like to keep up to date please add your name to our mailing list below.